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Big week for fans of online shopping (we’re not trying to call you out, it’s us, too). High-end fashion retailer Moda Operandi is opening up a Chicago tech hub and planning to hire 30 developers, designers and product managers before the end of the year. Given all the e-commerce startups based here — Trunk Club, Luxury Garage Sale, Shoprunner — it shouldn’t be that hard to find the right talent. 

On the … other end of the e-commerce spectrum, Etsy is buying instrument and vinyl seller Reverb for $275 million. Etsy’s famously gentle company culture is already a thing of the past, so maybe it really is a great fit for Reverb’s infamously bro-y vibe. So glad all these extremely cool guys are so rich!

While we’re partial to the fancy shit of Moda Operandi and the crafty shit of Etsy, it was also a good week for actual shit. AMP Americas raised $75 million to turn more cow dung into renewable natural gas for trucks. It plans to use the money to double its capacity with two new factories. The company won’t say where the new plants are going, just that they’ll be in the Midwest generally. 

Inventables raised $11.5 million for its far more sanitized mission of bringing 3D carving and printing to enthusiasts and small manufacturers. It’ll use the money to expand Easel, its software for designing and printing 3D parts, hopefully making it compatible with many machines, not just the ones Inventables makes.

In the world of real manufacturing, jobs are coming and jobs are going. Boatmaker Brunswick is cutting 300 jobs outside of Chicago, while carmaker Ford is adding 450 within city limits. At Ford, the jobs will mostly go toward staffing a new assembly line primarily for hybrid cars. 

That tracks with the overall numbers, which show Chicago adding more jobs in the first half of the year than San Francisco, L.A. and the country as a whole.

It’s too early to say whether those numbers mean anything great long-term. But one thing will do long-term good: The city’s new fair workweek ordinance. The bill entitles certain employees (i.e., only those working in eight specific industries and only those making less than $26 an hour) to get their schedules two weeks in advance. Banning last-minute shift changes and unpredictable schedules goes a huge way to making jobs more equitable and accessible. Now if we could just make that true for everyone, we could all thrive. 

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Job with badass potential
Chief Operations Officer at the Movement Collective
Work: Set the Movement Collective up to better support nonprofits around the country with collectively purchased tools and technology. Lead the startup’s planning, budgeting and forecasting, making sure everyone understands where the money’s coming from and where it’s going. Streamline operations and communications throughout the org and help it grow with diversity, equity and inclusion in mind. 
Downsides: Wow, a nonprofit and a startup? Bet the pay is generous.
Perks: This model appeals to our overly practical brains — basically banding a bunch of nonprofits together so they can use collective bargaining power to get technology at a better price. How boring! How wonderful.

A few other jobs we’re curious about …
Marketing Manager for Ronald McDonald House Charities
All the perks of working for a giant company like McDonald’s while enjoying the personal satisfaction that comes from promoting an objectively good thing? Yeah, OK.

Director of Content Strategy at the Museum of Contemporary Art
Truly, help them. The marketing strategies over there need to catch up with all the great programming and design. Also we def get to meet Virgil Abloh in this role, correct?

Internal Communications and Content Strategist at Guaranteed Rate
Given the high amount of churn, GRate could use the help building an internal culture. The question is whether you’ll burn out first. 

Senior Manager of Digital Creative at Ulta Beauty
We have done the research.

Manager of Digital Content for the Chicago Bulls
Much as we saw the job above and nearly fainted, someone’s going to see this job and get a little lightheaded. 

Event with badass potential
Nonprofit Draft Day, August 15 at 5:00. One last reminder to join this event if you want a chance to get paired up with great nonprofits looking for board members. 

Inspiration of the week

“We can't turn off the fact that we're going through trauma, but we can hopefully change the fact that we're doing it in uncomfortable shoes.”

—Writer Rachel Wilkerson Miller on The Nod podcast, talking about the importance of showing up for yourself. We can't change everything, but please: Any little thing you can make better for yourself, do it. 

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It’s easy to fall in love with Chicago in the summertime. There are dogs on the beaches and gators in the lagoons, and the whole city seems to glow. Maybe that’s why so many companies are doubling down on office space here. Consulting firm Accenture is adding 600 tech jobs in its Innovation Hub, and expanding into seven floors of the newly named Accenture Tower, the building over the Ogilvie Metra station. A bonus: The company will be expanding its apprenticeship program to give more people experience making tons of money/supporting corporations at the expense of people.

Following closely behind, employer review site Glassdoor announced plans to hire 500 people over the next few years, and it’s expanding into a brand new Fulton Market building to accommodate them next year. 

Martech company ActiveCampaign, which sells software to help small to mid-sized businesses make marketing decisions, is also growing. It’s doubled headcount in the last year to roughly 500 employees, and now it’s adding another floor to give the poor people some elbow room and make space for more growth.

But what’s doubling when Belgian company Showpad — which just raised $70 million for its sales training software — is tripling its office space in Chicago. To be fair, the current plans are only to fill that space with 40 new hires by next year, but it sounds so impressive. 

One business isn’t sold on Chicago: Manufacturing company Wynright is moving its conveyor belt-making operations to Hobart, Indiana, after more than 20 years in the Chicago suburbs. The $5.9 million incentive page Indiana put together probably helps. 

Then there are the acquisitions. Paragon Biosciences spent a cool eight figures to buy Qlarity Imaging, a real name we’re forced to type. Qlarity makes diagnostic tool that theoretically uses AI to diagnose breast cancer, and potentially more cancers to come. We’d be more excited if we hadn’t heard this song and dance before. 

Then there’s cannabis firm (drug dealers) Grassroots Cannabis, which is being bought by Massachusetts-based Curaleaf for $875 million. The consolidation doesn’t necessarily mean layoffs, after all it’s a growth industry. This is just an opportunity for a lot of bros to pat themselves on the back and exchange a ton of money while other people rot in jail.

Fortunately we can end on some good news. Built In, a frequent source of news for this very letter, raised $22 million. It plans to use the money to add dozens of local jobs, and build out an engine to better match tech talent with open jobs. 

Job with badass potential
Senior Manager of Digital Personalization and Engagement for United
Work: Make United’s web experience be less bad. Use data to create personalized experiences for customers throughout every step of the journey, so they’re not already mad at the airline before they get to the gate. Predict trends, test improvements and find new tools, working with an internal team and outside vendors. 
Downsides: Have you used United’s website lately? Also they drug test all employees (sorry).
Perks: You can’t really make it worse. United has a lot of resources at its disposal, so you’d be able to try new things and work on your own professional development. But really, we’re here for one reason — the free flight passes.

A few other jobs we’re curious about …
Creative Strategist for Spotify
All that podcasting business could be real interesting for someone tasked with helping brands find new ways to reach Spotify listeners.

UX Researcher at Google
If we’re all going to participate in capitalism, might as well work for the winner?

Program Coordinator for the Chicago Abortion Fund
Because now’s the time to raise some money. 

Event with badass potential
Nonprofit Draft Day, August 15 at 5:00. If you are the kind of person who has no idea how to join a board (aka us), this is an opportunity to learn about the process and get “drafted” by nonprofits who want your incredible minds, in addition to your dollars. 

Inspiration of the week

There are just … so many things about the U.S. Women’s Soccer National Team that make us weak-kneed — the way they wear suits, the way they take what they deserve, the way they take to that yacht life. But if we have to pick just one, this video of Allie Long eating a page of the equal pay lawsuit while Ashlyn Harris says “Pay us, bitch,” well, it is good.  

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Founding father energy 🧨

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Review aggregator ReviewTrackers raised a $10 million Series B funding round, which it generously plans to put toward adding 100 positions to its Chicago team, mostly in engineering, sales and support.

Cameo, meanwhile, attracted a lot more attention for its $50 million fundraising round. The startup — which allows you to turn minor celebrities into human puppets — has not, however, announced any plans to hire more people to its 65-person Chicago team, opting instead to grow internationally. 

Showpad’s not even from here, but it’s using a $70 million funding round to hire another 35 people in Chicago to help grow its sales training software.

Health tech company Livongo is looking to raise $100 million, but the old-fashioned way — by going public. The stock will hit the market with a promise that “costs will increase substantially” as Livongo tries to grow, so … good luck? We’ve already heard it’s not a phenomenal place to work, and we can’t imagine becoming a publicly held company is going to help with that at all. 

Beer and food distributor Reyes Holdings is selling off its Reinhart Foodservice unit to a Virginia-based competitor in a $2 billion all-cash deal, no doubt losing some jobs as the industry consolidates. Meanwhile, pharmaceutical company AbbVie is buying Botox-maker Allergan for $63 billion while both sides look to diversify their products and cut overhead. At least we can guess Botox will continue to be a money-maker.

Belmont Cragin is getting a shared commercial kitchen from L.A.-based Amped Kitchens, where Beyond Meat was incubated. It doesn’t necessarily mean any new jobs now, but looking at the growth RxBar and other big-time Chicago food startups have seen, we expect it to generate a few hit companies over the next several years. 

Job with badass potential
Senior Economics Editor at the University of Chicago Press
Work: Acquire and edit economics manuscripts for publication by the University of Chicago Press, a job that sounds either really exciting or truly miserable depending on who you are. 
Downsides: Dealing with economics professors who are all basically just waiting for the Nobel committee to call. 
Perks: We are struggling to think of a job that has this much prestige, where you would also absolutely have people look down on you all the time. Still, we’ve heard the U of C Press is a great place to work, and everyone we know there stays there. If you dig on monetary theory and business strategy, please get this job. You know where to send the preview copies.

A few other jobs we’re curious about …
Executive Director at Third Coast International Audio Festival
Support quality podcasts — and underrepresented voices — by raising funds for this nonprofit and spending them smartly. If you’re interested, just know, today’s the last day to apply.

Marketing Strategist/Content Developer/Writer at PAWS Chicago
There is just no world where we’re not going to recommend this job, even though, no, you probably shouldn’t take it. It is not likely to help you build skills the job market is going to take seriously — might give you a chance to meet some powerful donors though!

Exhibitions Digital Project Manager at the Field Museum
… Because we want behind-the-scenes access

Copy Editor and Proofreader at CB2
… Because we want your discount

Inspiration of the week

“There’s nothing to apologize for. You’ve done your research, you’re clear on the value of your time. It’s okay not to say yes to everything.”

—Elaine Welteroth on the power of preparing for negotiations. She also recommends asking for a day to think it over, which feels impossible, but also incredible. Act like you have multiple options to weigh, because you do. “No” is always an option. 

And if that doesn’t help, some corollary advice from the white man Welteroth goes to for negotiation advice. “Don’t worry about what they’ll feel and what they’ll say. Do it anyway. Ask anyway.” Let’s take that founding father energy right into this holiday. 

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Your buddy, man

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Okay, now we’ve made it through this nightmare.

It’s been a big month for companies that aren’t in Chicago. Blockchain company Spring Labs, which spun off of payday lender Avant to track the loans people take out in real time, raised $23 million, on top of its original $15, for what is basically still just an idea. Based in San Francisco, the company expects to hire a few people in Chicago, as many of the founders split time between the two cities. You know, because it’s profitable to scam poor people.

The same article also details how San Francisco-based Spot On raised $40 million. Though considering its whole tech team is in Chicago, it’s easier to see how our city might benefit. The company, which sells software to retailers, plans to hire 35 new people to the team by the end of the year.

San Francisco-based Collective Health raised a solid $205 million to help employers manage their benefits. Once again, relevant because the healthtech company has an office in Chicago, and plans to fill it with more employees. It’s almost like tech companies can’t find all the talent they need in San Francisco.

U.K.-based Crisp is also bringing new funding to Chicago, this time in the form of a North American headquarters. The company uses software and people to track brands on social media, preferably before they make a viral error. It plans to employ 25-30 people in the next six months, with a goal of 50 over the next 12.

And lastly, Austin-based Arrive Logistics raised $25 million, and because it is a logistics company, you better believe it has an office in Chicago. Yes, we are proud of our reputation as a hub for logistics.

And finally, the one company that is based in Chicago is looking to use it’s $6 million in funding to expand across the country. Boro focuses on loans for first-time lenders, like students, who might not have a credit score to show. It’s already hiring for marketing and tech roles.

There’s rumors of more new jobs in the Old Main Post Office as well — where Cisco might be leasing 130,000 square feet to move more of its employees from Rosemont to Chicago.

And in … less welcome news, the Army is moving its marketing division to Chicago — somewhere under 50 people, along with the $4 billion contract it already awarded to DDB Chicago. (s/o to a hustler for sending this in)

Two companies announced plans to shrink in the wake of mergers. Advocate Aurora Health is offering buyouts to about 300 employees, while Fifth Third Bank is closing 44 Chicago-area branches after acquiring MB Financial. It does, however, claim that the shutdowns only cost a small number of jobs.

Job with badass potential
Communications and Content Manager at the Clean Energy Trust
Work: Define the voice of the Clean Energy Trust, creating content that helps raise the non-profit’s profile with donors and the kind of cleantech startups it invests in. Manage all the digital channels, including social, create print materials as needed and work with the media to earn coverage.
Downsides: It’s a small team, so you might be on your own a lot — and stuck doing your own professional development. Not so easy when you’re also doing conservatively three jobs.
Perks: The slight bit of extra space in your chest that comes with knowing you’re doing something to prevent a climate apocalypse. Clean Energy Trust is unique in that it tries to use its nonprofit dollars to invest in companies that will do good while earning it more dollars to invest in companies that will do good … Get that flywheel really going, and you have a powerful force to combat all of the lobbying money from dirty energy sources. Plus, your position as essentially a team of one will give you the opportunity to point to just about anything and say “I did that.”

A few other jobs we’re curious about …
Part-Time Marketing Associate at Dante32
Friends of GH are running this startup, which helps businesses launch podcasts. A growing and occasionally interesting area, and an opportunity to work with good people. Reach out if you want to learn more.

Head of Marketing at Basecamp
Considering we just last had Basecamp CEO Jason Fried as our inspiration of the week, we figure it’s only fair to highlight this job. It would be a good one, and it would let you be remote — great news, but also means you’re competing with the rest of the company. We think you have it on lock though.

Inspiration of the week

“That’s your buddy, man. Put your arm around [fear] and just fucking don’t worry about it.”

—Bill Hader, quoting Jeff Bridges in Jeff Bridges’ voice, about how to embrace anxiety to get what you want in your career. The full, long, winding conversation between Bill Hader and John Mulaney is an absolute delight, and if you know me personally there’s a good chance I’ve sent it to you in the past week for inspiration. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

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