Take apart everything 🐛

It's a real topsy-turvy world out there.

OK, um, wow. Look, we never thought we’d have to say this, but we’re siding with Sterling Bay? The comically evil developer of real estate and paver-over of dreams is being sued by the Goddess and Grocer/Baker restaurant group for requiring them to hire union contractors. Apparently this is illegal. Why? If Sterling Bay owns the building, can’t it require work in that building to be done to a certain standard? We are not supposed to be on the side of more power for corporations, and definitely not on the side of more power for Sterling Bay. And yet here we are. Let Sterling Bay require unions. Or better yet, proactively hire them. Otherwise why are we paying so much money for slices of rainbow cake? Damn. 

Still, as one hustler said: “Frankly I hope they kill each other.”

If hearing us praise Sterling Bay hasn’t done enough to shake your confidence in the simulation, apparently Foxconn is considering Wisconsin as the home for its not-yet-existent electric car business, in exchange for the right “incentives” of course. This Foxconn. The one from the phantom LCD factory promised billions in subsidies and touted by Trump.

In probably not-fake but also probably not not-evil news, Google is growing. It plans to hire 10,000 folks nationally and expand its Chicago office — no clear picture on the number of those jobs in Chicago, but the monolith does say it plans to invest $25 million in Illinois this year. 

Don’t worry though, logistics is here to help us end on a positive note. Startup FourKites just raised a $100 million round, on the heels of competitor Project44 doing the same in December. Not immediate job news, but a good chunk of change that FourKites can use to keep acquiring companies. 

Jobs, Glorious Jobs
Director of Social Media & Influencer Relations at Owlet Baby Care
Create and measure strategies to promote innovative products like the baby monitor smart sock, and hire a team to help you do it. Influencer relations makes us spit up a little, but babytech is way cuter than hair vitamins and skinny tea.

Director of Marketing at Skills for Chicagoland’s Future
Develop marketing strategies around the public-private partnership’s admirable mission: to get unemployed and underemployed people back to work. This is a hands-on “lead” and “do” position, so you can wow them with innovative ideas while learning new skills yourself.

Marketing Manager at Redmond Construction
A 110% biased plug for a friend and fellow hustler, Redmond builds out cool offices to work in for cool companies to work for, and needs a marketing manager to help them grow. At the very least, you’d have real estate eye candy to look at, but we can also confirm you’d have a good boss to work for. Let us know if you want more details. 

Inspiration of the week

“If you're serious about your claims, take apart everything you ever thought you knew about what you're doing. Set out in uncharted territory.”

—Loretta Staples, one of the inventors of digital and UI design as we know it, who found herself both disillusioned with the profession and written out of its history. This quote comes from a letter she wrote in 2000 interrogating an industry that was already falling into sameness. “Could it be that increasingly graphic design is less the solution and more the problem?” She thought so. So she left, becoming a teacher, artist, consultant and now social worker and reminding us all that we can invent, and reinvent, ourselves at any moment. 

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