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So, that's how I deal with it.

Rest easy y’all, Chicago is saved. Corporations and tech companies with too much money are teaming up to give this city’s workers what we really need, an advertising campaign. Instead of, say, improving housing stock, transportation, racial equity, or even just doing something to combat the funk of corruption that just kind of hangs out on our city, they invested in a tagline: "Come Back to Move Forward." Mmm yes rolls off the tongue, sells the value, really just makes it seem like a vibrant place you’d choose for personal gain.

Pretty sure this is right before he gets blown up.

We would beg one of you to apply for the Communications Director job and save this effort from itself, but we can’t stand to see any more funds poured into skirting the systemic work that needs to be done in favor of slapping some parallax-loading statistics on a fresh website.

Allstate is making a play for the bottom of the market with a $300 million acquisition of SafeAuto. SafeAuto provides state-minimum coverage, essentially insurance that doesn’t protect you, but does allow you to meet the law by carrying enough liability protection if you hit someone else. Love to see a profitable business model created and sustained by state legislation, free markets are so cool. 

First Midwest Bank is merging with Evansville, Indiana-based Old National Bank, continuing the trend of consolidation for financial institutions. It’s worth noting that when banks buy each other out, it impacts both the people who work at those banks as well as the companies that rely on them for financing. Less competition, less favorable rates. Again, free markets, so neat. 

At least we get to keep the cool jobs? Marijuana tech firm Fyllo is planning a headquarters in the Old Main Post Office, and as much skepticism as we reserve for the marijuana industry, the tech industry and certainly the combination of the two, we really do want to see that building fill up with equitable jobs. 

We’re also dweebs who want to see Chicago on-screen. (SORRY The Dark Knight filming made the big booms and was a good time, OK?) So talk of a huge new South Shore film studio is pretty exciting. They can’t promise any jobs yet, but considering “The Chi” already employs 400 people, adding even one or two more productions could have a big impact. And it would put folks from the neighborhood in charge of transforming a vacant lot.

Jobs, Glorious Jobs
Director of Communications for the Cook County Assessor’s Office
This position reports directly to one of the only men we’ve ever even considered working for, who describes it as a good fit for someone with “big Leslie Knope energy,” so yes, we really think you should apply. Even though it will mean constantly explaining to people that you did not personally create the tax structure in Illinois. 

Inspiration of the week

—Venus Williams, on how she deals with the pressures of interviews. Please watch the whole video, it is a crystalline statement in support of Naomi Osaka and we have watched it dozens of times. If you haven’t heard by now, Osaka withdrew from the French Open after she was fined for refusing to attend post-match press conferences, a move she made to protect her mental health

It may be hard to believe this, but ... likeability isn’t actually a part of your job description. Yeah yeah yeah team player yeah yeah yeah culture fit, we all know what that really means, particularly for women, and particularly for women of color. Do not need. Be the living embodiment of this New Yorker cartoon, opting to die rather than be even the tiniest bit inconvenient.   

People will encourage whatever behavior asks the least of them. Companies will do it in the name of shareholder gains. The only person who will ask what you need is you. Demanding it might be the only way to strengthen your career.

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